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MasterTask training courses

designed to develop skilled setup operators of lathe and machining centers

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Case-study reports over 38 years prove the MasterTask approach will increase productivity and reduce costs by making sure your people are fully trained. If there are ten steps in a procedure, it's impossible to select one or two that aren't important for a person to know and understand. The MasterTask 100% solution provides a systematic approach that is easy to use to achieve your "lean" goals. Reports show it will develop new people in less time to higher levels of performance and cut costs by improving existing personnel creating faster setups, higher quality, longer tool life, fewer crashes, less machinery repair, and better employee attitudes. Whether you need to train one or hundreds, choose from Online, DVD, CD-ROM, or videocassette based courses to meet your needs and budget.

Simulation-based CNC courses: By selecting from popular models of Fanuc, Haas, Mazak or Okuma CNC controls, your trainees learn both the basics and the specifics of your machinery. They practice on realistic computer simulations of your CNC Turning Centers, CNC Lathes, and CNC Machining Centers without tying up your production machinery or other operators. And if they make a mistake, you won't have scrap, damaged tools or downtime.

Courses for Screw Machines, Cold Headers, Thread Rollers, Stamping Presses, as well as SPC, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, Precision Measurement and other quality control topics are available by going to the Courses for Manufacturing page.




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details about these simulation-based online courses,
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Precision Measurement for Machinists - Online
Mastering CNC Lathes - Online
Mastering CNC Machining Centers - Online


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