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T-Slot Nuts - English Sizes

T-Slot Nuts - English

 • Black Oxide Finish
 • Case Hardened
 • 1018 Material
 • The last thread is incomplete on T-Slot Nuts to prevent the stud from turning through the bottom of the nut.
 • Standard package quantity:
 41401-41419 - 25 pcs.
 61401-61413 - 25 pcs.
 • Tapped through T-Slot Nuts are also available -- to order tapped through, add a "T" after the above part No.'s (ex: 41412T)

NOTE: Tapped Through is not available for Part
 No.'s 41426 to -32 and 61412-13.
 • Many sizes conform to TCMAI standards
 • Special sizes quoted upon request

 *T-Slot Nuts are undersized to fit machine table slot
 **English T-Slot Nut will fit this size metric machine T-Slot


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