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Noga Deburring Tools

noga deburring tool

How to remove burrs

For the deburring of machine parts that cannot be deburred otherwise Noga has developed high quality deburring tools for removing burrs from various materials such as steel, aluminium, and plastic

edge off

Edge off NOG.EO1000

The Edge off NOG.EO1000 consists of an S10 blade mounted in an 8mm hexagonal aluminium handle. The blade is non-removable.

rapid burr

Rapid Burr NOG.RB1000

The Rapid Burr NOG.RB1000 tool takes all the S blades. The handle is a 12mm heaxagonal aluminium handle. The tool is 130mm long and is mounted with a S10 blade.

noga 3

Noga Burr 3 NOG.NB3000

The  Noga Burr 3 NOG.NB3000 is designed for coarse or extra fine deburring operations. Blades fit into the lightweight acetal handle for storage. Supplied with 3 blades.

noga 5

Noga Burr 5  NOG.NB5000

The Noga Burr 5 NOG.NB5000 is similar to NOGA BURR 3, however it is supplied with 5 blades.

noga double burr

Double Burr  NOG.DB1000

The Double Burr NOG.DB1000 is a dual purpose tool, ideal for sheet metal workers. Simultaneous deburring of both sides of sheet metal. Strong hand guard for maximum safety.

noga keyway burr

Keyway Burr  NOG.KW1000

The Keyway Burr NOG.KW1000 is ideal for deburring external and internal keyways. Total length of tool is 236mm.

noga liza burr

Liza- Burr  NOG.LB1000

The Liza- Burr NOG.LB1000 has a telescopic blade holder. The blade holder is double ended, taking heavy duty blades in one end and light duty blades in the other.

noga leader burr

Leader  NOG.LD1000

The Leader NOG.LD1000 tool can be used to put an even chamfer on straight or curved components. Only to be used on hand rotated components.



noga min swcraper

Mini Scraper  NOG.MS1000

The Mini Scraper NOG.MS1000 is ideal for tool and die makering applications. The Scraper is mounted into its D Holder by means of wedge action.

noga medium scraper

Medium Scraper

The Medium Scraper is supplied with T80 blade (4mm x 85mm long) ground at both ends for prolonged life.

noga scraper

Scraper NOG.SC1000

The Scraper NOG.SC1000 is supplied with T120 blade (7mm x 120mm long) ground at both ends for prolonged life.

noga internal scraper

Internal Scraper  NOG.IS1000

The Internal Scraper NOG.IS1000 tool is designed specially for the deburring of cross holes as shown here.

noga counter sink

Countersink  NOG.CS1000

The Countersink NOG.CS1000 has a hexagonal blade holder, 145mm long. It can be easily locked at any position. It is most useful for countersinking deep holes.

noga roto-drive

Roto-Drive  NOG.....

The Roto-Drive NOG. allows continuous rotation of tool. Supplied with fixed countersink bit 8.3mm Dia and NB handle.

noga mini scraper hand drive

Mini Scraper Han-D-Burr

The Mini Scraper Han-D-Burr is supplied with a super fine 75mm long triangular blade which is telescopic so allowing longer reach. For use with non-rotating blades.

noga imternal scraper

Internal Scraper Han-D-Burr

The Internal Scraper Han-D-Burr is supplied with 3,2mm Dia. 45° blade, 75mm long. The tool is telescopic so making access to deep cross holes easy. For use with non-rotating blades.



noga rc 1000 reversible countersink


noga rc1000

Includes: Handle and small blade R1.
Very fine tool for deburring back side of holes.
Unique 2 pairs of cutting edges. Cuts in both clockwise and anti clockwise directions.
Blade has two working positions. Ask for full catalog.
For chamfering, hold tool between fingers & thumb and rotate back and forth.
To insert/withdraw blade into/from hole, push knob and release slowly.
Range: 3-5.5 mm.

noga rc2000


noga rc1000
Includes: Handle and blade R2.
Similar to RC1000 only larger.
Range: 5-9 mm.





lb 5000 noga kit

  L B 5 0 0 0

2. 2 pcs. SN Holders
3. 1 each blade: N1, N2, N3, S10, S20, S30
Dimensions of box: 227 x 76 x 41 mm
Weight: 164 gr
Packed in an expendable polystyrene box with a colourful sleeve

noga cs5000 kit


2. C Holder + C12
3. C Holder + C20
4. C30
Dimensions of box: 227 x 76 x 41 mm
Weight: 242 gr
Packed in an expendable polystyrene box with a colourful sleeve

noga KW 5000


2. K Holder + N70K
3. K Holder + N90K
4. Allen Key 2.5 mm
Dimensions of box: 227 x 76 x 41 mm
Weight: 160 gr
Packed in an expendable polystyrene box with a colourful sleeve



    Super Kits

noga uk1000 kit


replaced by NOG.NG9100


Most economical deburring Kit for all

Kit Includes:
1. Scraper T120
2. UNI-Handle
3. SN Holder
4. C Holder + C20
5. N1 Blade
6. N2 Blade
7. S101 Blade
8. S30 Blade
9. S20 Blade
10. S10 Blade

Dimensions of box: 215 x 120 x 40 mm

Weight: 303 gr

noga  uk 2000


replaced by NOG. NG9200

The standard UK1000 with the addition of
the internal scraper and the 12 mm
countersink C12.

Kit Includes:
1. D Holder + D66
2. Scraper T120
3. UNI-Handle
4. SN Holder
5. C Holder + C20
6. C12
7. N1 Blade
8. N2 Blade
9. S101 Blade
10. S30 Blade
11. S20 Blade
12. S10 Blade

Dimensions of box: 215 x 120 x 40 mm 

Weight: 391 gr

noga NG9400 kit


The complete collection of Deburring Tools required for professional machinists.



Adjustable Scraper SC8000


S Holder EL02003 N Holder EL01033 C Holder CH3000 D Holder EL05003 K Holder EL05003 Handles

NG-3, EO plastic handle


S10, S20, S30, S150, N1, N2, C20, D50, D66, N80K, and RD10.4. Allen Key (1.5mm).

noga nx 1000


replaced by NOG.NG9500


Collected to meet the total requirements of tool and die makers and for deburring specialists in every shop.

Kit Includes:
1. Keyway Burr
2. 2 pcs. Edge Off
3. Double Burr
4. D-Key
5. UNI Handle + SN Holder
6. C Holder + C20
7. C12
8. D Holder + D50
9. D Holder + D66
10. Scraper T120
11. L Holder + L1
12. N1 Blade
13. N2 Blade
14. S10 Blade
15. S101 Blade
16. S20 Blade

Dimensions of box: 270 x 230 x 50 mm

Weight: 1027 gr

Noga Video


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